Back in 2012, while young couple Ray and Jane layoso enjoyed the convenience of living in a fair-sized condominium unit, they also realized their small community’s need for faster and more reliable home services. Given the limited space, one of their most pressing requirements was express and efficient laundry services. In fact, one day while passing the small laundry shop at the ground floor of their condo building, Ray and jane saw that the volume of laundry bags that needed to be serviced were spilling out onto the hallway. They realized that it might be just the type of business they could go into.

Ray Layoso’s background was in I.T., having been a System Engineer and Administrator for all of his working life. But he was always looking for a challenge and was determined to eventually start something that they could call their own. He had tried to start some other businesses in the past, but for some reason or another , something would always seen to happen and those business just woundn’t take off as planned.

So the Layoso couple started out cautiously. They acquired the business right to that very same laundry shop in Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City and implemented improvements to suit the meticulous attention to detail that Ray acquired from his years if being an I.T. professional. Whereas regular laundry services would take 3 to 4 days before customers could claim their also re-branded as Rayne Laundry Express, to reflect Ray Jane’s commitment to providing quick and efficient service for their customers.

The Layoso’s careful but determined foray into the laundry service industry, coupled with their sincere intent to provide better service for their costumers, proved to be successful, and it wasn’t long that they were able to establish a wide network of walk-in and corporate customers. This paved the way for the opening of two other Rayne Laundry Express branches at Leveriza, Malate and near De La Salle University, Taft Manila.

7Folds Laundry

This year , Ray and Jane Layoso are gearing up to provide more Filipinos quick and reliable laundry services by opening at least____new branches in more locations in Metro Manila.

With this, as the company celebrates its 7th year in business and as it continues to grow and expand on its vision to become the preferred laundry and dry cleaning service provider in the country, the Layosos have re-branded their laundry business as 7Folds Laundry.

The company’s re-launch as 7Folds also becomes synonymouse with Ray and Jane’s renewed commitment to provide even more Filipinos with high quality and efficient full and self-laundry services that will exceed customer expectations, as they believe that the 7Folds blessings they’ve received since embarking on this business venture is merely the beginning of more blessings that can share with their customers.

Our Founders

Ray Layoso

I.T Professional / Co-Founder

Jane Layoso

I.T Professional / Co-Founder

7Folds Laundry is a full- and self-service laundry shop that provides express washing services for individuals and corporate accounts..

Vision & Mission

To become the preferred and trusted laundry and dry cleaning service provider in the Philippines by providing high quality and efficient full- and self-laundry services that will exceed customer expectations.

Corporate Values

Excellence. We will continue to innovate and find ways to faithfully provide reliable and high quality and efficient laundry service for our customers.

Express and Clean Service. Even as we meet our committed delivery dates, we will not compromise on the quality of our service.

Integrety. We value the trust that our customers give us, and will give them no cause to doubt the quality and reliability of the services we offer.

Customer Delight. We aimto exceed our customers’ expectations.